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Here's what our clients say about Ayres & Associates:

Annabel's advice has been extremely valuable to me in building a healthy business. I don't believe anyone could go wrong in using her services as a business consultant.

Second Nature Inte
rior Plant Co.

In my 17 years of being in contact with various business professionals, Annabel is the person who has taught me the most. My company functions 100% better now. She cares so much about the success of my company, as well as my own personal well-being.

Direct Mailing Systems
Rohnert Park

Annabel Ayres is exceptionally intelligent, honest, and reliable. She has good judgement and is excellent with numbers and financial analysis.

Peublo Del Sol, Inc.
Santa Rosa

Annabel's approach has been to teach me how to run my own business so that I have the knowledge and ability to make rational business decisions. I can honestly say that without the help of Annabel Ayres, I probably would not be in business today.

Celebration! Baking

Making a major career change after 20 years was a serious challenge for me. Annabel's business expertise and management experience made the transition a profitable one for my company. As an entrepreneur with little background in running a small business, I found her guidance invaluable!

Foster City

As my business consultant, Annabel Ayres has been invaluable. Engaging her services was one of the wisest actions I have taken. Since she started working with me, my company has grown significantly. I highly recommend her consulting services to other businesses.

Bastian's Moving and Storage
Santa Rosa

More Testimonials:

 Annabel is fiscally savvy with a good sense of business relations and customer service.  She has profound knowledge and high level of expertise and she has helped us achieve profitability.  DR Sebastopol

 Annabel  put me on a simple track with a list of priorities and is available ongoing as needed. She helped me to clarify my goals and started me on the way to executing them. FB, Petaluma

 When a friend mentioned your name to me yesterday, I told her of the profound effect you had made on me twenty years ago.  Many of the tools that I use today in helping my clients I learned from you back then!  MH, Santa Rosa

Dear Annabel, you are a God-send to us. I am confident that you will bring them the same level of peace and focus that you bring into our lives. I wonder if you have any idea what a blessing you are? Thank you for being yourself in all of our lives!!!  MD, Santa Rosa

 Good afternoon, Annabel.  You are a pleasure to speak with and your calming supportive spirit is a blessing to be around.  I am so impressed with you, I can't wait to have you meet so many of my business community friends and acquaintances.   You are insightful, positive, and willing to help people reach their dreams, and I really admire that in others. 

Bless you for your time and attention it really means a lot to me.   M. M., Petaluma

The common thread I see is that all of us really value your coaching!  Your clients love you – can’t do better than that.  L.B, Sebastopol. 

Hi Annabel, Thank you so much for this explanation.  You have a way of de-mystifying the whole marketing thing, while others seem to want to make it more mysterious.  But you have made it feel easy enough that I am looking forward to it instead of being afraid of it and wanting to put it off.  Will get back to you soon and refer clients to you as well. S.J., Santa Rosa 

Annabel, thanks for all your support, both emotional and business.  I will stay in touch and will reconnect soon to work on keeping this place up and running in a  positive direction.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart...  xooxoxo CB, Santa Rosa 

 I just wanted to thank you for the time you took to think of me and call.  Your experienced wisdom is so reassuring and your kindness is evident always. It’s reassuring to know that my ‘confusion” is normal and a step toward the next change.  My confidence changed after our conversation and I feel like I’m back in the driver’s seat again; making some decisions for change that I’d not committed to before.  L.D., Santa Rosa

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me yesterday and thank you for the spreadsheet!  I will absolutely refer you to clients J  You are AWESOME!  C.C. Santa Rosa

 “I want to thank you for our meeting the other day, that was really wonderful” PB Sebastopol

 “We call you St. Annabel at our company.”  MD, Windsor

 “I am very impressed with our meetings, your help was excellent! LD, Windsor

 Thank you, Annabel. We appreciate all that you do for us. Peace & Love. JP Sebastopol

 Thank you so much for working on this with me, knowing you are in my corner has given me confidence JF,  Santa Rosa

“You are so compassionate and insightful and supportive.  You are a great resource for business and for life.”  BI, Petaluma

 Thank you for all your assistance.  The changes we made under your guidance certainly helped us sell the business.  MB, Santa Rosa

 Thanks for your help yesterday! Exactly what I needed. LB, Sebastopol

 You did great with getting us jump-started.  Thanks again, MC, Windsor

 Thank you so much, I got so much out of it, my head is spinning, you are really really really helpful , you made sense of everything.  Thank you for guiding me through the waters, for your time and effort, your energy, output. I appreciate your support.  You and your advice are so valuable. Thanks so much for your amazing help. LZ, San Rafael

 Thank you so much for being a part of our team. I have such faith in your ability and I really enjoy how your brain works. I appreciate your professionalism and demeanor. Thank you Annabel, thank you :)  MC Santa Rosa

 Thank you. It means a lot to me to have you give me advice and support. It's sometimes a lonely place to be, as the one who has to make the hard calls, as you well know.  JP, Sebastopol

 Annabel: Thank you. Your simple written words put your face and voice right in front of me and are sooooo very encouraging. AM, Santa Rosa

 "You are my new guru". LH, Santa Rosa

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Ayres & Associates are business consultants specializing in marketing strategy 
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Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, and surrounding areas.

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