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Business & Marketing Consulting Services

Management & Staff Development
    * Train your management team to achieve the goals and objectives
       of the company.
    * Develop confidence in your staff so that you can take worry-free
    * Attract, hire, and retain the type of staff your company wants.
    * Be an effective leader.
    * Master the skills it takes to be a great owner or executive.

    * Control the course of your business by using up-to-date
      planning tools.
    * Decide where you want to take your company and how you
      will get there.
    * Anticipate the future needs of your business.
    * Steer your entire company along a healthy course.

    * Understand the keys to profitability in your business.
    * Generate and use your own tools for analyzing your money-making
    * Use your financial statements more fully as management tools.
    * Understand the potential for your company to be profitable.
    * Follow step-by-step procedures to maximize your profitability.


    * Create a custom marketing plan to maximize your sales.
    * Increase your sales in old and new market segments.
    * Use special techniques to keep sales on the increase while you
      are busy in other areas of your company.

Problem Solving & Decision Making
    * Create a sound problem-solving and decision-making framework.
    * Feel secure that the proper people in your organization are making
      the best possible business decisions.
    * Use outside expertise in certain areas of your business to help
      solve problems and make decisions.

Financial Analysis & Budgeting
    * Improve your cash flow and ease the burden of tight funds.
    * Find out where your money is really going.
    * Know exactly how much money you are making and why you
      aren't making more.
    * Learn how and where to get financing and funding.
    * Improve and streamline your bookkeeping so that your numbers
      are accurate.

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Annabel Ayres | Ayres & Associates Business Consultants
Telephone: 707|585|3669    Fax: 707|757|9402
1400 North Dutton Ave. #21 | P.O. Box 11224| Santa Rosa, CA 95406


Ayres & Associates are business consultants specializing in marketing strategy 
and management consulting, serving all of Sonoma County, Marin County, 
Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, and surrounding areas.

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